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Belly Dance Lessons for Beginners


AFTERNOON CLASS: Every Tuesday 2:00~3:20PM

EVENING CLASS: Every Thursday 7:15~8:15PM

What to wear

* Tank tops or sports bras are recommended.

* Low-waist pants are better since we need to see our hips. If you don't have one, just roll it down or tie a hip scarf.

* No need to wear shoes. We dance barefoot.

* It's recommended to bring a belly dance hip scarf or simply a scarf to tie around your hip.


To be announced




To be announced

What we do in the classes

1. Overview:

  • What is belly dance? What makes it different from other dances?

  • The main principles of belly dance

  • The nature of belly dance as a healthy, ergonomic dance, always in harmony with your body's natural structure--you can dance until the age of 99 plus!

2. The basic and classic movements of belly dance:
Shoulder rolls, hip drops, hip shimmies, shoulder shimmies, neck slides, flowery wrists, Egyptian hip circles, Arabic steps, etc.

3. A glimpse of some advanced movements- so you know what to expect when you keep learning!

4. Mini choreography -- after a couple of lessons, we will have a choreography to integrate what you've learned.

5. Cool down -- Thank our bodies by stretching and taking deep breaths.

Two Ways of Reservation

2. Text to: 438-409-1901

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